Pathfinder Group 7

Breaking News

Breaking news:

Reports are coming in the the Berlin Television Tower has been evacuated and sealed off by Police after reports of further Terrorist activities in the city.

There are unconfirmed reports that the same Special Operations team that was involved in last weeks Potsdamplatz attack are currently engaged in a protracted firefight in the building.

A Military Helicopter has been seen hovering over the site, and gunshots have been heard.

An explosion was also heard coming from the buildings atrium, which may have caused extensive damage.

There has been no reports yet about injuries.

Trains are Delayed

News headline:
Anti-Terrorism operation in Berlin kills 9 people.

Reports are coming in about a series of explosions in a busy Subway station in central Berlin.

Anti-Terrorism police from Germany’s GSG-9 sealed off part of the Potsdam Platz subway station around 1030 on Friday 19th August. The team entered a platform that was being constructed as part of the city’s transport expansion plans.

At approximately 1040, two large explosions were heard coming from the platform and the station was evacuated. Police cordoned off Potsdam Platz in the busy center of Berlin, causing severe delays to traffic. Several office buildings were also evacuated due to concerns about potential structural damage to the surrounding area.

It came to light that the explosions were caused by explosives set by terrorists working as part of the construction team. A bomb disposal team was called in and reported no further devices.

The explosions injured two members of the GSG team. Both are recovering in hospital. A further member of the team was wounded during a firefight with the terrorists. There are reports of other injuries within the team, but German Police are still to make an announcement as to the full situation.

Reports also say that 3 terrorists were killed in a firefight and one was wounded and captured, and is now in police custody. 6 construction workers were killed in the explosion. It is believed that they were held hostage by the terrorist group and may have been killed in the explosions.

The construction work was being done by Hannard Transport Services, a subsidiary of Angrim Industries. There have been no comments from either company in relation to this incident.

No details have been released about the terrorists who were involved in the incident.

Pathfinder Mission De-Brief:

The team get transported to a hospital in Berlin to check over their wounds and get people into intensive care, for those who need it. The next day, Squadron Leader Drake arrives to check up on the status of the team and to deal with any political fall-out from the operation. He also arranges for the team to be transferred to Rheindahlen, the teams new base of operations.

He informs you all that another Pathfinder team went down into the subway station to check over what you found. It appears that one of the terrorists escaped using a Goa’uld ring platform that had been hidden below the main control room of the platform (the room where Nick found the large box of glowing letters). The box that Nick found and disconnected from the terminal was a power source and control device that was uploading a series of programs into the control desk of the room.

It is believed that the programs would have set off several warheads that had been placed into the platform. Four enhanced warheads (non-nuclear) were found to have been placed in the four metal grates you noticed on the floor of the platform.

One device has not been found, and is suspected to have been taken by the missing terrorist.

Autopsies show that the gunmen were human, though not of Earth Origin, meaning that they were most likely to have been Lucian Alliance soldiers. This proves the existence operations in Berlin by the Lucian Alliance, confirming reports of potential attacks.

Scientists from the Department of Homeworld Security have run calculations based on the devices that were found. It is likely that these devices are designed to be a trigger system for a larger Naquadriah device. Scans are being run to determine the location of any additional devices, and from their locations, extrapolate the location of the Naquadriah device.

For now, PG7 are to stand down and recuperate from your injuries.

Drake comments: “Not the best start, but it could have been much, much worse. What you found will lead to results. Rest up and get back at them.”


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