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The History of Project Pathfinder

In 1996, the United States Air Force was succesful in activating the alien device known as the Stargate. A team was sent through to investigate the world beyond. After the team returned, the project was shut down due to no further results. In 1997, the Stargate re-activated and the pan-galactic threat that the alien cultures on the other side of the gate posed to humanity was realised. The SG-C was set up to counter this threat.

In 1998, an alien species knwon as the Echos, or EUO’s (Extra-Terrestrials of Unknown Origin) made contact with humanity accidentally. Through the contact, another alien species known as the ND’s (Nth Dimension) were identified as a serious threat to humanity. The ND’s attampted to invade Earth via a terroforming construct which materialized in the Socttish Highlands. The threat was subsequently dealt with by the RAF. The incident was made Top Secret.

Due to the severity of the threat posed by the ND’s, the Ministery of Defence set up an anti-extra terrestrial threat task force. This was codem named Project Anglia. The project was headded up by Flight Lieutennant Christopher Drake (RAF) and Major General David Reece (USAF) who were both heavily involved in thwarting the ND invasion. The project was initiated upon the reccomendation of Air Marshal bentley (RAF), who had been present at the site of the ND invasion attempt.

In 1999, a SAS team, on operation in Bosnia came into contact with an apparent secondary ND invasion attempt. The team managed to thwart off the attack with help of assistance from Project Anglia. After de-breifing, it was found out that the Bosnian Incident was infact caused by a totaly seperate alien group from the ND’s. Project Anglia was expanded to include more military assets, before being re-named, Pathfinder Operations Group.

In 2003, the SG-C announced to several super-powers of the existance of the Stargate, and the threat it posed to humanity. Project Pathfinder was further expanded to include members of other European countries. Pathfinder then began joint operations with the SG-C.

Originally, the information was only shared between the five permernant members of the UN security council: the USA, Russia, the UK, France and China. America and Russia already had dominance in the military organisation of the Stargate Programme, and the other countries were invited to join in operations.

The Pathfinders were tasked with long term missions, exploring planets for months at a time, moving from planet to planet before eventually returning to Earth. the Pathfinders started up with 1 group, commanded by Sgt Paul Otais of the SAS and Sgt Jaques Deveau of GIGN.

As internetional co-operation improved over the years, more and more countries (mostly EU countries) were brought into the Pathfinder Group. By mid 2005, there were 6 Pathfinder Groups, operating for 3 month rotations offworld.

In early 2005 another alien race refered to as GFA (Glass Forest Aliens) sent a probe to Earth which mutated the DNA of a US Navy Cargo ship’s crew. The infected crew men began to spred the infection to other people in order to prepare for a full out invasion. This incident was covered up by a US Civilian group known as Threshold. The Treshold group were successful in largely containing the oputbreak, and stopping the infected people from contacting the GFA.

In 2006, a further incident was attributed to the GFA infected humans. However, this incident took place in Romania, Europe and was contained by a team from Pathfinder. Threshold came into contact with Pathfinder, and a joint operation was formed in order to contain the incident. Major General Reece took comand of the Threshold group and joined it with the newly formed Homeland Security branch of the US Government.

In 2007, events relating to the Stargate Program started to have effects across the globe. Homeworld Command took control of situations on the North American continent. Due to the extensive knowledge that was part of the Pathfinder Groups, an agreement was reached that the Pathfinders would have responsibility for any Earth-bound fall-out from the Stargate program outside of the North America.

This caused the formation of Pathfinder Groups 7-16. Some of these groups were assigned to various bases across the world, including onboard several of the Daedeulls class starships run by the USAF.

The organisational structure of Homeworld Operations:

Homeworld Operations is the Catch-all title for all operations that originate from Earth, based around all extra-teresstrial defence, offence, exploration and prevention operations.

The following are the Organisations that come under the umbrella term of Homeworld Operations:

The UN Security Council for Homeworld Operations
International Oversight Advisory
US Homeworld Command
Pathfinder Operations Group

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