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The following pages contain brief details about what is available to characters.

Spycraft, in all its forms contains:
96 Departments
23 PC classes
84 Prestige Classes
18 Senior Agent Classes
81 NPC classes
45 Backgrounds
20 background qualities
72 Bundles
8 chem treatments
49 Combat Actions
9 favor checks
730 Feats
385 Gadgets
25 Intelligence Resources
86 Masterwork Modifications
40 mystic invocations
54 Psion Skills
33 Training Programs
341 sample skill focuses
155 titan birthrights
92 Vehicle Gadgets
97 Specific Vehicles

The following table contains the list of the abbreviations used through the guide as to where the rules can be found. If the information is Crossed Out, then it means that I don’t have a copy of that document, and as such, can’t get you the rules.

SEH Spycraft Espionage Handbook
SFA Shadowforce Archer Worldbook
MAG Modern Arms Guide
AF The Archer Foundation
Sol/Whl The Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide
HOG The Hand of Glory
GA Gentlemen’s Agreement
PAC Pan-Asian Collective
Fix/Pnt The Fixer/Pointman Class Guide
EC The European Commonwealth
Fac/Snp The Faceman/Snoop Class Guide
AA The African Alliance
60s The 1960s Decade Book
Shop The Shop
Agency The Agency
MM Mastermind
USM U.S. Militaries
WM World Militaries
BG Battlegrounds
DI Dark Inheritance
MW MostWanted
SF7 Strike Force 7
MAG9 Modern Arms Guide, Chapter 9: Other Gear
MAGX1 MAG Expansion, Volume 1
SS Silent Specters
TSE The Sharp Edge
MotE Mystics of the East
GF Gaming Frontiers magazine
CM Campaign Magazine
Info Informant, Spycraft Magazine
Errata Official Errata

Player Resources

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